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2 min readJul 24, 2022

ThreeOh DAO is pleased to announce that we are continuing to progress our roadmap, refining, and delivering on our mission to advance Web3 and decentralization policymaking in DC and around the world.

ThreeOh DAO has completed the first phase of our bear market exercise. The bear market evaluation for ThreeOh DAO was all about how to streamline and optimize every facet of our operation. How do we return the most value to our community, token and NFT holders, and what are the decisions we need to make to support that goal? What are we working on that adds value to our community? To Web3? What are we working on that is time, energy, and/or money best spent elsewhere?

On 02-Feb-2022, ThreeOh DAO launched on a second chain with the intent of building on four chains in 2022. A lofty goal for sure, but in hindsight not efficient or effective — or speaking bluntly — necessary. Our primary chain has always been Ethereum, and our current initiatives are ETH focused.

Initiatives, all on the ETH side:

1. DAO Governance, Voting

2. Staking

3. ThreeOh DAO Pass

4. Contributions Payment Gateway for Web 3.0 PAC

5. DeFi Education, work directly with campaigns to integrate cryptocurrency contributions

Bridge BNB to ETH

This morning at 11:30AM EST, ThreeOh DAO disabled trading on Binance Smart Chain ($BSC) for $3OH BNB. The leadership teams risk assessed the decision, consequences, and are steadfast that it is the right decision for ThreeOh DAO and its community.

ThreeOh BNB holders are able to bridge their BNB to ETH using Everbridge. There is no transfer tax for bridging between chains using EverBridge.

Bridge Dapp:

Questions or Concerns

We know that there will be questions and concerns, and we encourage everyone to hop into Discord or Telegram. We are happy to spend the time necessary to address any issues, and look forward to your feedback on ways ThreeOh DAO can continue to flourish, mature, and grow as an organization.



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