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2 min readJan 28, 2023


2022 has been a tremendous year for innovation, adoption, and awareness for blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFTs, and the general digital asset market. The global market has grown to 425 million holders of digital assets and cryptocurrencies, the first Blockchain OS was released, Zero Knowledge Proofs and ZK moved to Mainnet, and institutional investors are taking notice of the potential for blockchain technology in the private sector.

2022 has also been full of hard lessons for project developers, digital asset holders, Web3 advocates, and crypto degens. The team at 3OH continued to grind throughout the year, working hard with numerous stakeholders and organizations.

Policy and regulation have moved to the forefront of the conversation in DC with the SEC and CFTC, and many of the global governments around the world. Due in part to multiple black-swan events in a single year, FTX and SBF’s corruption, but also due to the pending ruling on Ripple and XRP vs the SEC, rapid inflation, and the tumultuous impacts of the centralized financial regime.

Right Sized Advocacy

DeFi Advocacy requires expertise, but more so than anything it requires a bankroll that ThreeOh DAO has been unable to sustain. In order to raise the kind of money necessary to support a grassroots policy and advocacy DAO, star power and institutional money is necessary. With our best efforts, sleepless nights, deals with the devil, ThreeOh DAO was simply unable to raise the money and sustain the organization in DC.

What we learned is that the Web3 community is not yet ready to support DeFi Advocacy, at least not fully. That doesn’t mean we stop, it just means we right size our efforts, scale our engagement, and that we work from within and provide grants, time, and energy to support organizations that advocate on behalf of the grassroots community.


ThreeOh DAO will officially rebrand, new name, additional utility, with a new contract. A snapshot was taken on 01/27/2023, that included wallets and staking vaults.

The ThreeOh DAO team spent weeks debating the merits of a new contract, but at the end of the day it is necessary to automate many of the features needed for additional utility. As part of the project rebrand, the team will be adding new leadership, full-time moderators and admins, and will go through VC incubation and IDO launchpad.

What does it mean

The team at ThreeOh DAO is a passionate group, community oriented, and it means that we will focus our efforts on community and outreach, building a sustainable Web3 community, and returning real value to the $3OH Holders who have been with us for over a year.


The launch will take place after incubation and IDO launchpad. Target is February 2023.

The project team will issue the new whitepaper in early February, along with an update for holders and stakers.



Lotto3 DAO

Lotto3 is an advocacy DAO with an exciting Community Rewards Program that uses VRF and automation for daily and monthly jackpots, plus second chance drawings.