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5 min readJul 28, 2022

July has been an eventful month. The 3OH team continues to grind, define priorities, and execute the necessary deliverables to facilitate growth and decentralization. CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko listings went live, the new 3OH dApp was completed and deployed, the first Prioritization Council vote will take place in the coming weeks, and ThreeOh DAO has joined the steering committee for the US-based DAO Coalition.

ThreeOh DAO has been intentional with its initiatives and actions, positioning the DAO and our community at the forefront of the rapidly growing DAO movement, and ultimately facilitating the opportunity for the community to take a leading role in the evolution of the DAO space across Web3. Our next key deliverables are community focused and DAO-centric, and the next step towards Decentralization.

ThreeOh DAO is excited to announce a major step in the direction of becoming a truly community led Autonomous Organization, the introduction of our Community Advocate Program.

What is the Community Advocate Program?

The Community Advocate Program is a community led program within ThreeOh DAO that puts community initiatives and votes in the hands of the DAO. Through the use of our dApp, users will have the opportunity to submit, vote, and track ThreeOh DAO community led initiatives. Initiatives are funded from the ThreeOh DAO treasury, and projects that receive funds will be paid with 3OH. To create a sustainable, long-term program, the pool will be replenished with a portion of the community allocated treasury revenue.

The founding team has allocated 75 billion 3OH Tokens to the initial funding pool. The first phase is the community discussion which will occur in our designated Discord forum. After the discussion phase, the Prioritization Council will review these proposals to ensure they are achievable then they will submit the proposals for a community vote. Community approved proposals will then return to the Council for funding.

How it works:

The ThreeOh DAO founders’ team has created two separate tiers for community proposals. These are designated as “Community Supporter” proposals and the “Community Champion” proposals. Community Champion proposals can receive more funding and are reserved for community members that truly exemplify the term “Community Champion.”

Community Supporter:

The Community Supporter level is for community members that are interested in supporting the ThreeOh DAO cause through smaller, community led actions. These are essential functions within the DAO that will help build our community and demonstrate its strength. We recommend that any advocates that support ThreeOh DAO’s cause and have the necessary means or skills to complete these proposed actions apply under the Community Support Proposals.

Examples of Supporter level proposal items: things like hosting Twitter Spaces, creating marketing materials, designing introductory materials for new community members, developing YouTube/TikTok/other promotional materials, or leading shilling raids. Community engagement, competitions, and partnership referrals are also considered under this level of proposal.

Community Champions:

Community Champions are exactly what they sound like. These are members that are willing to take on longer term projects that require consistency, active planning, and community support to be achieved. The Community Champion can receive higher compensation compared to the Supporter tier, but the proof of work will require more time and ongoing effort on the part of the proposing member.

Examples: Moderating ThreeOh DAO chat rooms consistently, starting a YouTube Channel designed for ThreeOh DAO content and discussions, hosting weekly AMAs for the community, building out the ThreeOh DAO Reddit, engaging in political actions that align with the mission and values of the ThreeOh DAO Community, and project level partnerships. The primary difference is that Champions would be considered content creators, not someone who has created some content.

Proposal Requirements/Funding:

Funding will be continuous in nature, and we anticipate proposals will continuously be up for review and voting. This requires that the community is involved in every aspect of the proposal process. The discussion phase and the voting phase are both 5 days. We expect the process to take roughly 15–20 days from proposal submission to execution. Within this time frame the Prioritization Council will review the proposals to ensure they are achievable. The Council may reach out for further clarification or revisions. The Council does NOT decide what is approved or is not, nor will they weigh in on any vote publicly. Their primary function is to ensure that the proposal can be achieved within a realistic timeline.

Proposal Requirements for Funding:

  • A summary of the proposal with the reward amount requested must be submitted for discussion.
  • Must go through discussion and voting
  • It must be achievable
  • Community members can call for a community hosted AMA for further clarification.
  • The author can only submit a proposal once every 30 days
  • A timeline for the delivery results must be included.
  • If a member receives funding and their results are inadequate, they will be barred from future proposal funding for 90 days (first offense) or forever (second offense).
  • Funded proposals will receive 50% of their proposed amount upon approval, and the remaining 50% will be paid out upon completion or 30 days (for content creators). *Dependent on content being adequate.
  • Submissions can be DAO Process proposals that do not require funding.

Max value for Supporters: 2 eth value of 3OH, or a max of 600m 3OH.

Max Value for Champions: 6 eth value of 3OH, or a max of 1.5 billion 3OH.

  • The Council will simultaneously burn .5 eth and 2 eth (max 250m 3OH) for each accepted proposal based on type.

The most important part of every project is its community. This is even more true in respects to DAOs. This is why it was important to create the Community Advocate Funding Program to engage with our community and allow them to advocate on behalf of ThreeOh DAO. Like all communities, we understand our community has a vast skill set and desire to impact the growth of the organization and its impact on the space. Adding this takes us one step further to becoming a community-based organization that is built for users by users.



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