Prioritization Council Launch Timeline

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3 min readJul 13, 2022

The time has finally arrived! The ThreeOh DAO team has spent countless hours the past 7 months building relationships, opportunities, and our utility. The time has now come to begin utilizing the DeFi/Web3 Community to unite their voices around the impending regulations at the state, national, and international levels. For this reason, ThreeOh DAO is officially starting the process of building our Prioritization Council!

What is the Prioritization Council?

The Prioritization Council is ThreeOh DAO’s leadership organization. It made up of 9 total seats, 3 appointed by ThreeOh DAO, INC. and the other 6 seats are filled with community holders. These 9 members will be the primary narrowing committee for the many proposals and actions taken by the DAO. This group has been tasked with aligning the direction of ThreeOh DAO with our Policy Principles, finding the most impactful political races, and narrowing the focus of the DAO on achievable outcomes. Creating community focused legislation requires us to act in a deliberate and controlled fashion, while utilizing the structures already in place to influence policy decisions. All members will KYC.

How does it function?

The ThreeOh DAO Prioritization Council will meet on a bi-weekly basis, or when pressing matters require a meeting. The Council will be provided with pre-reading materials that outline the opportunities for the current Council discussions. After reviewing the options for the DAO, the Council will discuss and narrow the direction of our Snapshot votes. The results of the conversations will be relayed to the community for feedback. Upon hearing feedback from the DAO community, the Council will make any necessary changes and put the proposal up for a community vote. Once the Vote has ended, the Council will assign members to ensure that the proposal is properly executed.

How can I become a member of it?

ThreeOh DAO is interested in filling each seat with members that are passionate about ThreeOh DAO and the future of the Web3 ecosystem. These members will have access to information, policymakers, and governmental organizations that create and influence state, federal, and international policy. As ThreeOh DAO becomes an influential project in the realm of Web3 and DeFi policy, this will become a highly coveted seat. It is essential that it is filled with passionate users of blockchain technology and digital assets.

There are three ways to become a member of the Prioritization Council:

1) A community member who holds 3B tokens, and at least 1 of the DAO Pass NFTs.

2) Be a holder of a Tier 2 or Tier 3 NFT.

3) Appointment by ThreeOh DAO, INC.

Council Timeline

The Council will be fully operating by August 15th. We will be using the upcoming schedule as a guide for filling the Council:

July 15th: DAO Pass information will be distributed on Medium

July 22nd: Community members who are interested in being a part of the Council will make their intentions known. We will provide a room on Discord and the team will begin the process of confirming eligibility standards.

July 30th: Voting will begin for the Community members that have expressed interest AND been confirmed by the team. The DAO will vote based on a ranked choice vote. The top 6 members will be awarded seats on the Council.

August 5th: The voting ends and new Council Members will be notified.

August 15th: The inaugural Prioritization Council meeting will be held.

August 17th: We will hold an AMA introducing our Inaugural Council members.



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