One Step Closer: Unveiling of the DAO Pass and the Advocacy Council

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5 min readJul 22, 2022

ThreeOh DAO is a revolutionary blockchain and Web3 project. ThreeOh DAO is pioneering new ground, blazing trails that have never been attempted at any point throughout human history.

In 2022, ThreeOh DAO is delivering milestone events that will forever alter precedent and be the first of their kind. Amazing, Right!

ThreeOh DAO is the only DeFi organization in Washington D.C. with an affiliated Independent Expenditure Political Action Committee (Super PAC). A fact that is confirmed and published in Politico. ThreeOh DAO also has an affiliated 501c4 lobby and policy team, along with an IRS approved 501c3 non-profit.

ThreeOh DAO has completed early formation touchpoints and is now prepared to move forward and accelerate growth, adoption, and community as the Midterms approach. The last two weeks have been eventful, and in case you missed it, ThreeOh launched the official branding framework, new website, listed on Coinmarketcap and Coin Gecko, and joined RadioShack swap. ThreeOh has also made strides in major marketing relationships, CEX listings, and nearing a deal with large institutional investors.

The next milestone event is the ThreeOh DAO Pass. ThreeOh is a Web3 advocacy, and as such non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a critical system element. NFTs are one of the most interesting aspects of Web3 in the unlimited utility and opportunities for mainstream adoption that they present. Today the Governor of Colorado is fundraising with NFTs, lawyers are serving legal documents with NFTs, and their potential value in property titling has raised many interesting arguments in their favor.

There are many NFT users that do not purchase token assets. They support 3OH’s mission and cause but stay away due to token price volatility. ThreeOh DAO Pass is a community and governance instrument built to serve as a means for inclusiveness and community growth. We plan to launch the DAO Pass the week of July 25th!

The ThreeOh DAO Pass is a special events pass that grants you access to all ThreeOh DAO has to offer.

What are the Benefits:

The DAO Pass provides each holder with significant value. Each DAO Pass includes the following:

I. Special Access to closed AMA’s and town hall meetings with politicians, lobbyists, and policymakers in DC and around the world.

II. Access to the DAO Pass room on the ThreeOh DAO Discord server. You will be supplied with Prioritization Council updates, special updates on DAO milestones, and added weight within discussions about potential donation contributions.

III. Whitelist access to ThreeOh DAO Live events. Private and Public events.

IV. Opportunity for consideration for being a Prioritization Council Member.

V. Based on Tier, you can earn special governance powers within the DAO. This includes creating proposals for the Community Advocate Program!


ThreeOh DAO has three Tiers. Each Tier has different value and was created with specific goals in mind. Each Tier and the benefits are outlined below.

Tier 1:

Tier 1 is the first level for the ThreeOh DAO Pass NFT.

Price: 1 ETH per NFT

I. You are provided with all of the DAO Pass benefits

II. Purchased annually. Each pass provides a full year of access.

III. Stackable for 2 years. Users can purchase multiple passes at a time, and they will stack. (I.e. purchasing 2eth NFT’s will provide you with 2 years of access.)

IV. Provides the holder with one extra governance vote if the wallet contains 3OH tokens.

V. This tier NFT is the minimum required along with 2.5B tokens to be considered for the community seats on the Prioritization Council.

VI. The opportunity to be added to the new DeFi Advocacy Council

VII. Access to the Prioritization Council Discussion Area.

*This NFT does not provide an extra governance vote without the wallet containing tokens

Tier 2:

Tier 2 NFTs were created in direct response to members of the NFT community that do not purchase tokens. We have had multiple well known members of NFT projects mention to us that they would prefer to have an NFT option instead of token only. Since ThreeOh DAO seeks to be the voice for ALL of Web3, we have responded with the Tier 2 DAO Pass.

Price: 7 ETH per NFT

I. Provides all DAO Pass benefits

II. Purchased bi-annually

III. Access to Prioritization Council votes

IV. Voting rights: two votes per NFT (No tokens required)

V. Grants access to the community seats on the Prioritization Council in lieu of Tokens.

a. Holders are not required to have coins to participate and vote

VI. The opportunity to be added to the Advocacy Council.

VII. Access to the Prioritization Council Discussion Area.

Tier 3:

The Tier 3 NFT is our “Project Pass” Tiered NFT. These can be purchased by anyone; however they were built with larger investors in mind. These can be other projects, individuals, or associations. This is the only NFT tier that doubles as a lifetime pass, has resale value, and a limited supply.

Price: 25 ETH per NFT

I. Lifetime passes

II. Can be resold on NFT marketplaces (50 maximum)

III. Voting rights: three votes per NFT

IV. Access to the Prioritization Council Discussion Area

V. Will form the core of our Advocacy Council

VI. All Tier 3 holders are part of the Advocacy Council

Reading through you may have noted the mention of an Advocacy Council. Which leaves the questions of “what is the Advocacy Council?”

The Advocacy Council is an extension of the greater ThreeOh DAO community. The bear market highlighted many faults within current DAO’s, but also provided a tested roadmap to DAO success. By analyzing the successful DAO’s, the ThreeOh DAO team has added an additional layer of governance for a larger number of our holders. This is where the Advocacy Council comes in!

In our original design the nine Prioritization Council seat holders would be narrowing the list of proposed actions presented by the community, then focus that list further for full DAO votes, afterward the council ensures that the results are carried out. The flaw is that the Council would be provided with a smorgasbord of potential actions that could lead to proposal overload. This is where the Advocacy Council and the NFT tiers come in. This group is made up of 100 ThreeOh DAO community members, all holders of the Tier 3 NFT, and our 20 highest token count holders holding a Tier 1 NFT, and 30 of our longest tenured Tier 2 NFT holders. This group is designed to be the first step in the proposal process, and to help narrow the focus of the Prioritization Council votes.

Instead of the Prioritization Council tracking all of the newest happenings across DeFi, the Advocacy Council will help eliminate “choice paralysis” by being the eyes and ears of the ThreeOh DAO community. Through Advocacy Council discussion’s themes will develop. From these themes, the Prioritization Council will step in to bring the most favorable proposals to a DAO vote. These proposals will include campaign donations, policy positions, DAO direction proposals, and new or trending topics in Web3 politics.

The DAO Pass plays a direct role in determining our Advocacy Council. This will add members our DAO and provide token-averse groups with an opportunity to actively participate and help advocate for the Web3 space, and create an opportunity for partnering projects to gain access to our revolutionary utility. Regulations to the space are essential for mass adoption, but this is the first opportunity in our lifetime to have an impact on an innovative financial sector in its infancy. Let’s seize this opportunity together!



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