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4 min readMay 13, 2023

Lotto3 is revolutionizing the traditional lottery model by leveraging blockchain technology to offer a more transparent, fair, and secure gaming experience. Over the past few months, Lotto3 has gained significant attention from interested users, investors, and developers around the world! But it doesn’t end there!

In this article, we will delve into the world of Lotto3, exploring its unique features, growth and development strategies. We will examine how Lotto3 plans to become a leading player in the DeFi space and what sets it apart from traditional lotteries. So, if you’re curious about Lotto3 and its future prospects, keep reading.

Growth in a Saturated Industry

The crypto industry is a well-established and highly saturated market at this point, and Lotto3 needs to stand out. But that feels impossible with so many traditional lotteries available to the public, and thousands of crypto platforms being released each day. This makes it difficult to reach investors who are willing to participate in the adoption of a new, innovative lottery platform like Lotto3. So how will we do this?

We’ve identified the US, EU, and Asia as key markets for growth, with a particular focus on South Korea, China, and Japan. To achieve this, Lotto3 has engaged with international marketing firms, including 4AM Marketing and Tonsma, to assist in their growth and marketing efforts.

To start with, Lotto3 has been gaining traction in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space due to its unique approach to lottery. By incorporating the benefits of blockchain technology, including transparency, fairness, and security, Lotto3 has developed a decentralized lottery platform that offers players a new and exciting way to participate in lotteries.


That being said, a great product can only go so far without a solid marketing plan. At this time we’re developing partnerships across the globe. Partnerships play a critical role in Lotto3’s growth strategy, as they help the platform expand its reach and increase adoption. Lotto3 has partnered with Chainlink, an open-source technology that provides cryptographic guarantees for transparency and fairness in all jackpots and second-chance drawings. The use of Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function (VRF) and Automation ensures that all jackpot awards are fair, transparent, and auditable, which helps to build trust among users and investors.

Additionally, Lotto3 has also partnered with Far East Blockchain (FEB), a Tokyo-based media and marketing company, to support the platform’s expansion in Japan and other parts of Asia. FEB provides turnkey services for community management and moderation, translations, and dubbing, which helps to make the platform accessible to non-English speakers.

We’ve furthered our partnerships with the likes of 4AM and Tonsma to assist with growth and marketing efforts. We will continue to work together with other platforms that we’ve identified as sharing similar goals and values. By collaborating with other projects, Lotto3 can leverage their strengths and expertise, which ultimately benefits both the company and the wider DeFi community.

Community Management

We have a heavy focus on community management. It’s one thing to get a project noticed by a larger blockchain audience, but to captivate them and turn them into loyal community members is something else. Community management is an essential aspect of any successful blockchain project.

Effective community management involves building relationships with community members, by connecting with our community through the likes of social media like Twitter and Telegram, we can remove the disconnect between the creator and the community. We help them understand they are valuable to us. When community management is done well, it can lead to a loyal and enthusiastic community that actively promotes the project, supports its growth, and helps attract new users and investors.

Additionally, a strong community can provide valuable feedback to the development team and help shape the direction of the project, ultimately leading to a more successful and sustainable venture.


We wanted to make sure Lotto3 is accessible to all communities. We mentioned earlier that we wanted to tap into the US, EU, and Asian markets. That’s an extremely diverse audience to reach for. However, Lotto3 built our platform to be accessible to a global audience.

Lotto3 can reach a broader user base, which will ultimately lead to increased adoption and revenue. To achieve this, Lotto3 has hired a team of translators, designers, and illustrators to ensure the project is accessible in multiple languages.

Additionally, the project’s introduction on Medium was published in ten different languages, including English, Hindi, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, German, French, and Arabic. The platform’s accessibility program also includes the translation of all internal project communications, press releases, infographics, and mediums. By prioritizing accessibility, Lotto3 aims to create a truly inclusive community and become a leader in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space.

In conclusion, Lotto3 is set to revolutionize the online lottery industry by implementing innovative marketing strategies, fostering partnerships, and prioritizing accessibility and community management. With a team of experienced professionals and a customer-centric approach, Lotto3 is poised for success in a highly competitive market. As the company continues to grow, it will be exciting to see how Lotto3’s unique approach to online lotteries will disrupt the crypto industry and provide new opportunities for players worldwide.



Lotto3 DAO

Lotto3 is an advocacy DAO with an exciting Community Rewards Program that uses VRF and automation for daily and monthly jackpots, plus second chance drawings.